An approach for prioritisation of national interests of the EU Member States

Publication Type:

Journal Article


Journal of Defence & Security Technologies, Volume 3, Issue 1, Number 4, p.55-83 (2020)



AHP, Decision making, National interests, National interests’ prioritisation, PYTHIA project


This article aims to propose a methodology for national interests’ prioritisation. It starts with the study and definition of the key term - national interest. The focus of the definition is on the long-term and comparatively stable ends that the nations aim to achieve. Then, the paper presents an overview of the existing methods for national interests’ evaluation. The main section of the article is focused on the proposed approach for prioritization of the national interests of the EU Member States, based on methods for expert evaluation, and more exactly, the evaluation is done applying Analytic Hierarchy Process. Finally, an illustrative example is described to verify and validate the proposed methodology.