Defence Strategy and New Disruptive Technologies Nexus: Implications for the Military Organisations

Publication Type:

Journal Article


Journal of Defence & Security Technologies, Volume 3, Issue 1, Number 2, p.7-41 (2020)



Defence Capabilities, Defence Strategy, Disruptive Technologies, PYTHIA, Technology Foresight


This article aims to investigate the role of strategy in the defence domain, with a special focus on how technology innovations can influence strategy development. The key question is how and in which ways technological advances may affect defence strategy development. It starts with an evolution of the concept of defence strategy in recent years, as well as its possible future transformation in parallel to the trends of new and emerging defence technologies. After that, it analyses different conceptual models of defence strategy based on case studies of strategic documents in the defence domain of the nations represented at EU project Predictive methodologY for TecHnology Intelligence Analysis (PYTHIA) consortium, as well as documents of EU and NATO. Finally, the article summarises some conclusions concerning the dynamic character of interrelation between the development of defence strategies and technology innovations. Besides, some ideas regarding how defence research can address operational needs by supporting with new knowledge the production and procurement of the most needed weapon systems are presented.