Call for Papers

Cyber Defence - Building a Rapid Response

The EU Cyber Policy Framework (CDPF) as adopted in November 2014 at the Foreign Affairs Council is the major policy mechanism for achieving the EU cyber defence objectives. In that respect, the aim of the Cyber Defence conference is to highlight the necessity of rapid response and how the associated challenges can be met through different research and technology, education, training and exercises initiatives at EU level. 

Energetic Materials in Defence

The field of broadly defined energetic materials has been of increasing basic and applied importance, and become increasingly interdisciplinary in the last decades. The issue on “Energetic Materials in Defence”, aims to establish a timely forum for the discussion of cutting-edge research on (a) transformative concepts on development and application of energetic materials, and (b) multidisciplinary R&D on energetic materials, with emphasis on emergent areas. This issue is calling for both original research papers and topic reviews.