Land Border Surveillance, detection and tracking of irregular border crossings – challenges and opportunities

In the last years irregular migration has decreased in Europe. In FRONTEX’s annual risk analysis 2020 risk it is shown that the number of detected illegal border crossings at Europe’s land borders – the area between border control points - is increasing. An essential task for border guards is to detect irregular border crossings by illegal migrants using vehicles; such migrants seek to cross borders in small groups in difficult vegetation such as forests, where the traffickers cannot be detected by current technologies. Solutions are needed to provide border guards with improved situational awareness of border regions including robust detection of people and vehicles, including groups, recognition of abnormal behaviors and prediction of routes of individuals and small groups.

To reflect on these developments, the Journal of Defence & Security Technologies (JDST) issues this Call for Papers for an Issue on “Land Border Surveillance, detection and tracking of irregular border crossings – challenges and opportunities”.

Interested authors are invited to submit an original contribution addressing one or more of the following topics (but not limited to):

  • Decision making support

  • Requirements and operational aspects

  • Sensors and detection technologies

  • Data interfaces

  • Wireless Communication

  • Under-Canopy Terrain Scanning

  • Improve situational awareness

  • Sensors data fusion

  • Planning techniques and tools

  • Architectures for border surveillance systems

  • Situation awareness in border surveillance

  • Satellite and StratoBus Synthetic Aperture RADAR applications for security

  • Command and control systems for border surveillance


Andreas Kriechbaum-Zabini, AIT Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH, Austria

Prof. James Ferryman, University of Reading, UK

Publication charges: Publication of the accepted paper in the JDST journal is free of charge.

Deadline: Authors are invited to submit full texts (using the JDST template in ODT format or JDST template in DOCX format) by the October 2021. We accept articles in English language only.

Expected date of publication: The online publication of this special issue is scheduled for the end of Oct 2021, and the printed version – for Nov 2021.

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